Clap Clap

theatre play for children

written and performed by Anselmo Luisi and Giulio Settimo

“Clap clap” is the sound of two hands, two hands playing together, two hands clapping at the end of a show. But “clap clap” can also be the beginning of a musical story, two hands discovering that music and rhythm can be made starting from your own body.

In a park with many animals, birds, cats, dogs and ducks, two kids meet. At the beginning they try to play together, but their play immediately turns into challenge: they run after each other, they play who can lift the heaviest stone or who can throw furthest the pebbles. In the end they find out that playing against one another is not as fun as playing together: therefore they give life to new creatures by animating a knee or by drawing a big face on an elbow. But what unites them the most is their discovery of music played with their own bodies: with stomps, claps and snaps the two kids play together the body percussion and eventually become great friends.There is no scenography on stage, just two actors and their bodies: but the audience can see the park and all the animals, evoked by mime technique and by a continuous score of sounds and onomatopeias. This is how “nik nok” becomes the squeaking of a swing, “clop clop” the steps of a race, “flip flop” the sound of a pebble thrown far.

The play ends with the actors engaging the audience in a collective body percussion performance, leading children and adults to discover the sounds a body can create: stomps, snaps, claps, playing the chest, legs, and cheeks.

Incredibly funny and so captivating the audience won't be able to stand still!