weird pop duo

Mombao is a duo composed by Damon Arabsolgar (Iran/Italy/Germany, lead singer of up-and-coming indie band Pashmak) on a synthesizer and Anselmo Luisi (Italy/Slovenia, percussionist of several well-known projects with which he has played from Europe to China) at the drums.

They mix heavy rhythms and big soundscapes, jumping from electronica to jazz using just two instruments, and freely and spontaneously playing everything live on stage. Their sound and performances are the equivalent of a musical upbeat roller-coaster ride; a sketch-box full of surprising moments of pleasure between different harmonies, a cheering journey into a world of melodic Dadaism where to get lost, pleasantly and rhythmically.

Their aim is to create a music that can be trans-territorial and trans-genre and not attached to a particular period of time. Their performances, with the stage in the center of the room, surrounded by the people, are something in between a primordial mystic ritual and a western rock concert.

After having toured extensively around Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Morocco (also joining forces with Abdellah Boulkhair El Gourd while on their Moroccan tour), they are now looking forward to spread out their original musical verb to the rest of Europe.